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“Everyone who lives in me and believes in me will never ever die.” - John 11:26

The work of the martyrs of Uganda interests me because, firstly, Christian witness in Uganda is a typical example for the Africans who uphold and keep their faith for God.
How is started
In 1878 five missionaries came to Uganda. After their arrival they ransomed slave children and started an orphanage which was to be the nucleus of future Christianity but they were disappointed by the poor response from the people. At the same time the children were very difficult to handle. So, in October 1882 the fathers left the field but in spite of that a few converts left behind did not abandon their faith but instead won other young people over to Christianity.

Persecutions of the Christians began during the time of king Mwanga the son of Mtisa who in the beginning loved the missionaries. King Mwanga was addressed as ‘Lebo Kabaka’ -- ‘my Lord, the king’ and the king’s minister was called katikiro.
Reasons for Pers…