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Counting the Cost of Makerere University Closure

Since November 1st 2016 when Makerere University was closed following a directive by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni in response to the university teaching staff strike and violent protests by students, many people have suffered and continue to count losses every single day the university remains closed.
The immediate suffering was experienced by the students themselves who were given hours to vacate the university premises and go back home. Most of the students didn’t have transport to go back home. The Uganda police offered to accommodate some as they mobilized money from relatives and friends, while others found places to stay in town. Many students are still waiting within Kampala and there are reports of some students who didn’t go back home involving themselves in risky activities such as prostitution during this time of waiting for the university’s reopening.

Many students who reside in private hostels around the university had paid rent fees for the entire four-month semeste…